Subject Geography
Title/topic Tundra  
Age of students, grade 8 grade (14 years old)
Used method Presentation ( groupwork)
Used programme/site/app Google presentation ( google drive)
Duration in minutes 30 minutes
Place (homework, lesson, outside etc)/necessary equipment Lesson – computer class
Objectives of the method Students acquire the following results:

  • the adaptations of plants and which plants grow
  • the adaptations of animals and what animals live
  • human activities and problems
Description of the method (how was it used in the learning process) Students are divided into groups. Each group gets a different theme and find  the answers from different sources. Group prepares slides  and  with cooperation will be completed PowerPoint presentation ( Students searched for fotos, video clips about the plants, animals and peoples)


Students take notes of the presentations

Links to the materials (or upload the materials to the google drive site and add the link here)
Describe what was easy/useful for yourself as a teacher in preparing the material It was very easy for teacher. The teacher had to share Google drive environment to the students.
Describe what was difficult in preparing the material To give clear instructions to students.
Describe what was easy/useful for yourself in implementing the material The method created interest. It was great to follow the group’s work, how the students manage.
Describe what was difficult in implementation of the material No difficulties with the materials.
What were the benefits for students? Think about students’ motivation, responsibility, interest etc based on student surveys, observations It was motivating for the students to search for their own presentation  .

New knowledge on the tundra  biota

Improved collaborative skills

What were the drawbacks of using the method from the students’ perspective? Saves time, acquire knowledge in the classroom
Author Kersti Ojassalu
School Viimsi Secondary School, Estonia