Subject Russian
Title/topic Vobaulary: countries
Grammar: Родительный падеж (Откуда? Kust kohast?)
Age of students, grade, when languages then the language level (A1 to C2) 7th grade (13 years old), A1 (A1.2)
Used method Video task
Used programme/site/app Youtube, EDpuzzle (
Duration in minutes Max 5-10 minutes
Place (homework, lesson, outside etc)/necessary equipment Can be given as a homework or a work in the lesson either from tablets or in the computer class
Objectives of the method Students will learn to look at the video attentively and think about the seen material by anwering the questions according the video
Description of the method Teacher searched for the useful video in youtube and created a task using Edpuzzle.

Students will look at the video and answer the questions in the same environment (Edpuzzle)

Links to the materials
Describe what was easy/useful for yourself as a teacher in preparing the material Didn’t need to create your own video, but could use someone else’s video. It was easy to use Edpuzzle to create the questions on the video.

The students’ answers will be saved in Edpuzzle and can be seen and analyzed later by the teacher.

Describe what was difficult in preparing the material The first time using Edpuzzle takes some time to get used to, but the second time it was already easy.
Describe what was easy/useful for yourself in implementing the material Didn’t need to explain anything as a teacher. Students looked at the videos and answered the questions without my help.
Describe what was difficult in implementation of the material As Russian needs different keyboard, then this has to be taken into account and this task can be used mainly in the school computer lab.
What were the benefits for students? Think about students’ motivation, responsibility, interest etc based on student surveys, observations Several students said that it was interesting and different to learn with this method. It is not just looking at the video, but also you need to think about the material you are watching as you need to answer the questions correctly.
Everyone looked at the videos and answered the questions
and it didn’t leave any time to disturb the class.
What was difficult in using the method from the students’ perspective?
Author Darja Vassiljeva Lankina
School Viimsi Secondary School

The description of how this method is part of the whole flipped classroom methodology for teaching one whole topic can be seen here