Subject English
Title/topic The city – Museums
Age of students, grade, if languages then the language level (A1 to C2) 12  – 7th grade students (A1)
Used method Individual work
Used programme/site/app  Aurasma,  Kahoot
Duration in minutes: 45 minutes
Objectives of the lesson: •           Motivate students for the unit – The city and it’s buildings
•           Develop their curiosity about the Natural History Museum of London
•           Engage students in using ICT at home
•           Involve students in the flipped class methodology.
Lesson plan in detail The Flipped Classroom lesson will be executed in three steps:
1.         Send students an email with a tutorial explaining what to do and how to use the App Aurasma;
2.         Use the students’ book in a different perspective of learning by using the App Aurasma  at home;
3. Visualize at home the Aurasma and take notes of what they see on their notebooks;
3.         Quick quiz on kahoot in class (15min) just to sum up the knowledge visualized in the Aurasma.
4. Revise the Aurasma in class to see in detail the Musuem.
Links to the materials  Video used from Youtube for Aurasma :
Describe what was easy/useful for yourself as a teacher in preparing the lesson Decide the topic where to use the app.
Using Aurasma as an app.
Describe what was difficult in preparing the lesson Finding the right video to use in the App Aurasma. Not all videos are fit for the app (cannot be too long because they cannot be uploaded).

Finding the perfect picture on the students book (not all images are perfect to be used due to their resolution and then the Aurasma does not work).

Describe what went well from your (as a teacher) perspective Students were more curious about the museum which led them to discover other videos on youtube (by themselves at home, they would not even think of searching for videos about this topic).
Describe what was difficult/what didn’t go so well from your perspective? Teach students how to use the App (Aurasma). Not all had tablets or mobile devices that supported the app. Had to repeat several times the procedure in class. Sending them an email with the procedure was not enough.
What were the benefits for students? Think about students’ motivation, responsibility, interest etc based on student surveys, observations Learn how to use their digital devices in a more learning perspective;
Develop digital skills;
Get students motivated to search for more information about what they were studying.
What was difficult of using the method from the students’ perspective? Knowing how to use the app Aurasma correctly.
Author Angela Gordino
School EB 2,3 Loureiro – Portugal