Subject Wild Animals
Title/topic Learning the names and types of wild animals
Age of students, grade, if languages then the language level (A1 to C2) 7th graders, 12-13 years old
Used method 


Used programme/site/app Learning apps
Place (homework, lesson, outside etc)/necessary equipment: At home, computer/tablet or smartphone (speakers not necessary, but recommended), paper, pencil.
Duration in minutes: Max 15 minutes
Objectives of the method: Students learn about wild animals and their types in English.
Description of the method/lesson (what was done before the lesson, during the lesson, after lesson – lesson plan) The teacher sent the video to the students and the students watched it at home. When they came to the classroom, the students attended the activity on learning apps.

They practice the names of wild animals and their types in English.

Links to the materials
Describe what was easy/useful for yourself as a teacher in preparing the lesson As the video was ready on EBA, which is a database for Turkish students and teachers, it was easy. Preparing learningapps was also easy because I used it before.
Describe what was difficult in preparing the lesson Preparing the activity on learningpps takes some time.
Describe what went well from your (as a teacher) perspective The students learnt the names of wild animals and types in English.
Describe what was difficult/what didn’t go so well from your perspective? Not all the students watched the video. So, when they came to the class, I had to repeat.
What were the benefits for students? Think about students’ motivation, responsibility, interest etc based on student surveys, observations It was interesting for the students to watch the video at home. Most of the students were responsible for watching the video. They liked doing something related to ICT. They could repeat and watch the video again and again.
What was difficult of using the method from the students’ perspective? I think nothing was difficult because all the materials were ready for them. They just watched the video.
School Şehit Sait Ertürk Secondary School