My lesson
Subject Simple Logo Design with Adobe Fireworks CS5
Title/topic Revision of the rules of simple logo design on Adobe Fireworks CS5
Age of students, grade, if languages then the language level (A1 to C2) 7th graders, 12-13 years old
Used method 


Video task
Designing a logo on Adobe Fireworks CS5
Used programme/site/app Adobe Fireworks CS5
Place (homework, lesson, outside etc)/necessary equipment: At home, computer/tablet or smartphone
Duration in minutes: Max 20 minutes
Objectives of the method: Students develop their skills to use the program and design a simple logo
Description of the method/lesson (what was done before the lesson, during the lesson, after lesson – lesson plan) The teacher gave a link to the students on youtube. The students watched the video and started designing their logo. (However, this video is for revision, the program was taught in the class before)
Links to the materials
Describe what was easy/useful for yourself as a teacher in preparing the lesson The video was very effective for revision because teaching this program takes time. The video has reminders  and as a teacher, these short reminders are useful for a good revision.
Describe what was difficult in preparing the lesson Finding the appropriate video for the students was not easy because most of these videos are very long in duration and they are not simple but professional.  
Describe what went well from your (as a teacher) perspective The students learnt the simple ways of designing a logo.
Describe what was difficult/what didn’t go so well from your perspective? Because of our school’s physical conditions, it was hard to control the work of our students because the evaluation was done on the works of the students.
What were the benefits for students? Think about students’ motivation, responsibility, interest etc based on student surveys, observations The lesson ‘Technology and Design’ is already very related to ICT so making revisions with videos became a part of the lesson. Most of the students were motivated to watch the video and they said they could learn the things they missed during the lesson. As they did their designs at home, whenever they needed help, they could watch the video again.
What was difficult of using the method from the students’ perspective? No difficulties for the students
Author Samet YUMAK
School Şehit Sait Ertürk Secondary School

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