Subject History
Title/topic Slavery in the XVth and XVIth Century and identifying slavery nowadays
Age of students, grade, if languages then the language level (A1 to C2) 13/14 year old (8th year students)
Used method Individual work
Used programme/site/app  Aurasma
Duration in minutes: 45 minutes
Objectives of the lesson: Motivating students for the topic
Lesson plan in detail 
  • Video viewing at home and filling out a worksheet
  • Information search for debate in class
Links to the materials Video used from Youtube for Aurasma :

Students fill in a worksheet with information from the video.


Describe what was easy/useful for yourself as a teacher in preparing the lesson Theme choice and video selection
Describe what was difficult in preparing the lesson Editing the video for the application that does not support extensive videos
Describe what went well from your (as a teacher) perspective
  • In class students brought different ideas for the debate
  • Students got to know that nowadays slavery still exists but in different ways
Describe what was difficult/what didn’t go so well from your perspective? Difficulty in selecting a short video to use in the Aurasma/Time consuming for the teacher (have to cut the video)
What were the benefits for students? Think about students’ motivation, responsibility, interest etc based on student surveys, observations
  • Students were motivated to study the topic
  • Students developed their digital competences (using different apps at home to help them study)
What was difficult of using the method from the students’ perspective?
  • Some students found it difficult to see the video at home with Aurasma
Author José Freire
School EB 2,3 Loureiro – Portugal